About us


KO Fighters are a kickboxing, boxing, martial arts and other sports brand based in the Netherlands and established in 2016. The founders of KO Fighters are Hassan Ettaki and Oussama Ettaki. The two brothers have both kickboxed at the highest level and also managed to win several major titles. As of 2021, KO Fighters has been taken over by the new generation of Ettaki, thus Hassan's son has taken over the business, with the vision of selling more people the best material arts products.

KO Fighters stands for innovation and is always looking to improve its products and processes every day.

Our boxing gloves are designed so that your wrists, hands and knuckles are well protected from various hits. All boxing gloves are handmade.

KO Fighters is open to working with gyms, sports retailers and athletes.


For general business enquiries please email: corporate@kofighters.nl
For all customer service enquiries please email: info@kofighters.nl